Kent State Club Figure Skating is a team of individuals who love the sport of figure skating. Our goal as an organization is to help skaters, beginner through elite, improve their abilities within a supportive community. As an intercollegiate team we open up a potential passion to individuals who never had the opportunity to figure skate when they were young. Figure skating is largely inaccessible to many underprivileged families. Our goal is to create more opportunities for our members who bravely stepped out into a new world and embraced a new passion. We offer a safe and supportive environment for skaters to learn and grow while working toward a common goal of improving inclusivity and diversity in the sport of figure skating. Our members compete in three Midwest intercollegiate competitions per year, coordinate and create extravagant exhibitions to showcase to the public, and perform for KSU events and hockey games.

Kent State Club Figure Skating participates in the Midwest region’s intercollegiate figure skating competitions. We will be competing at the following competitions during the 2022-23 season:

Selfie featuring members of KSCFS on ice
Hosted By
October 29 – 30, 2022 Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio
February 3 – 5, 2023 Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, Michigan
March 10 – 12, 2023 Trine University Angola, Indiana